The Ushering Department is a Help Ministry. It is the ministry overseeing the smooth running of the Praise and Worship service and also that of other church programs.


Ushers are expected to be:  

– Alert  
– Vigilant  
– Friendly
 – Approachable

They are always the first contact with the congregation to Worship services.


They are expected to be:  

– Maturing Christians  
– Spirit filled  
– Teachable  
– Committed  
– Faithful  
– Temperate and above all Loving


Other duties include:
  • Checking noise occurring within and outside the church that interferes with the service and solemn atmosphere.
  • Monitoring of time allocated for sermon and signifying with appropriate time signs.
  • Maintaining eye contact (and communicating if necessary) with the pastoral team and other team leaders during church service and other meetings.
  • Ushers should be stationed at strategic locations within the church or meeting premises in order to be able to respond fast to potential disruption during service.
  • Putting up of all necessary signs at designated locations in order to appropriately direct visitors to the church.
  • Collecting the offering (Not to be in a hurry, if a person is yet to get his/her offering ready, be nice and say with a smile “I will come back to you).
  • Helping in the arrangement and the clearing/cleaning of the church hall/venue, prayer room and Pastor’s office.

Becoming an usher is very rewarding as you get the opportunity to demonstrate the love and care of God to others in service to the King of Kings. May God bless you as you join the ushering department.