Psalm 33:2 “Praise the LORD with the harp; Make melody to Him with an instrument of ten strings.”

God created us to worship Him. Understanding of who He is, and what He has done for us, should motivate us to worship and praise Him. The bible says: “From our lips God has ordered praise” (Psalm 8:2a). In worship, we revere God; adoring Him for who He is, His sovereignty and His Majesty.

True praise and worship move the heart of God and release the Glory and Power of God from Heaven.

Our Praise and Worship demonstrate our love to our Maker. Because God dwells in us, He inspires us, at Christ the Messiah Church, to worship Him in a joyful and vibrant way. Such worship lifts up the congregation whenever we come before Him. That is why the Music Department is fundamental to our Praise & Worship service as we long to see God’s Power and Glory manifested daily in the lives of His children.

The Music Ministry is for people who not only have the talent for singing/playing instruments but for people who also have a passion for it, knowing that the ministry is not about individuals but about reaching out to bring joy into broken-hearts and to lift up people who are downcasted and in despair. It is about singing praises to the God of all creation, it is about bringing a divinely inspired atmosphere into the church during praise and worship service. It is about leading the people of God into His presence with Praise.