Marriage is where spiritual warfare is the hottest battle ground.

It is like being at the fore-front of a battle, with the enemy being the devil and the flesh because he hates family knowing that it is an institution established by God for fellowship.

The marriage that wins such a battle is for the people who have a good foundation; those who dig deep and have laid their foundation on the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ and who have deeper understanding of obedience.

I have seen many ignorant lustful young couples going before the altar to be slaughtered on the altar of ignorance, because they do not have any understanding about the workability of marriage. They believe they love each other and therefore, whatever is lacking in each other will be amended as soon as they start living as husband and wife. How much else can one be ignorant than this? One of them thinks I have found the right person. But he or she is unaware of the fact that marriage is not only about finding the right person, but being the right person who obeys God’s principles of marriage.

Moreover they try to avoid the areas that are questionable in each other thinking that will change in marriage but that is a fallacy, a complete deception. For example, some know that their boyfriend or girlfriend is also having a relationship with another girl or girls and vice versa but think that he or she will stop all that in marriage. They do not know that in marriage it will be worse. Also, some know that their boyfriend or fiance is temperamental; Some care less about keeping time. Some are very lazy and will not lift a finger of help even when it is so obvious. Some are not sensitive to their partner’s situation or needs. Some do not respect their partners. Some do not understand their partner nor trust him or her etc. Yet they went ahead and got married.

Most of these things are the causes of conflict in marriage. Please note that this is not given as a complete catalogue of the conflict in marriage. This write up is suggestive but certainly not exhaustive. Before marriage, make sure you trust each other, you respect each other and that you understand each other because on these is true everlasting love.