• Most wives want the husband to take the lead at home. Many times the woman takes the lead because the man wont.
  • Most women will love to be consulted and be part of any decision making, however minor the case may be.
  • Most women want men to respect their personal and emotional needs.
  • Most women want husbands to be mature.
  • Most women want husbands to fill spiritual leadership role in:

                  – Devotion

                  – Dedication to service

                  – Direction

  • A woman wants her husband to communicate. He

                   i) Must learn to talk.

                   ii) Must learn to share.

                   iii) Must learn when not to talk.

                   iv) Must learn to express things of a bother.

  • A woman wants to have the first place in the husband’s life. She does not want to be put down in front of family, children or friends.
  • A woman will like the husband to make her know shes is important in his life and assure her of his love daily.
  • A woman will like the undivided attention of her husband.
  • Never deny your wife when she is sexually inclined.
  • At times women just love cuddling not sex.
  • Women do not like men that don’t value their opinion and that are more of a dictator.
  • Women will like husbands to deal with problems with them rather than lecturing and counselling them.
  • Women don’t like to be avoided in public or at a family gathering or at a party.
  • Women do not like men that nag.
  • Women like the husband to be honest.


  • The only person who can make the husband lord is the wife.
  • Have a submissive attitude. A non-submissive wife is in rebellion against God.
  • However strong you may think your husband may be, he still needs you to encourage him.
  • You should make his role as spiritual leader easier by not challenging his authority.
  • Husband needs spiritual maturity from wife. He needs to share difficulties with wife without her falling apart.
  • Receive him as God’s gift to you.

            – Let him be right.

            – Let him win.

            – Let him be strong.

  • Don’t be critical about the things you don’t like about him.
  • A strong, tight-fisted wife would become very domineering, so also a man. This doesn’t mean being foolish in spending.
  • Help to build the male ego in him. Don’t quench it.

             – Don’t ask him to do something, if you could do it.

             – Allow him to be the aggressor and provider.

             – Ask spiritual questions even if you know the answer.

  • Submission comes without any strings attached.
  • Have time for him, not left over time.
  • To avoid contradicting each other in public, wife should be quieter and not monopolise conversation.
  • When he gives you a gift, express appreciation, not just thank you. Don’t ever say:

              – Its too expensive.

              – You should have asked me.

              – You shouldn’t have.

              – You can’t afford it.

  • Use and wear what your spouse gives you.
  • If you must exchange gifts, try to get the same colour or style where possible.
  • As a woman, use your appropriate feminine gestures and mannerisms not masculine.
  • Develop confidence in his decisions.
  • Keep motive pure. Don’t try to change him.
  • Appreciate his good qualities not his faults.
  • Learn to regulate home schedule around his priorities. If priorities are wrong, let God straighten it out and not you.
  • Don’t nag. Never throw up the past.
  • A man wants to have first place in his wife’s life.
  • A man does not like to be put down in front of family, children or friends.
  • Make him know he is important. Assure him of your love for him by saying nice things.
  • Remember that marriage vow is a confession of commitment.
  • You must learn to give him undivided attention.
  • Don’t avoid him in public or at family gathering or at parties etc.
  • Respect his personal and emotional needs.
  • Men want sexual compatibility. Men will resent anything that stands in the way of sexual compatibility. Never deny your husband when he is sexually inclined.